Road Sweepers

Road Sweeper Hire

At Caledonian, our fleet consists entirely of Johnston sweepers manufactured in the UK. 

Our sweepers are specified to the highest level with gully boom for cleaning and jetting gullies, high pressure washers for powerful on-site cleaning and high-pressure spray bars for cleaning muddy roads. Our vehicles are all fitted with a 360 degree all-round camera system to ensure safe operation on your site.

The Benefits of Using Road Sweepers


  • Safety. Mud and debris are collected off the road preventing potentially dangerous and slippery roads. Keeping them clean can help to reduce accidents and improve the safety of working areas.

  • Environmental Care. Sweepers not only help to keep the place looking more attractive, they also clear away litter and spillages that can result in environmental contamination.

  • Flood Prevention. Every year in Scotland we are seeing more and more floods across the country. Debris build-up reduces surface water flow and can be washed into drains causing gully and pipeline blockages. Our vehicles will remove their build-ups, reducing the chance of flooding.

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