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Who are we?

Caledonian is one of the most experienced road sweeper hire companies operating across Central Scotland, providing a reliable and efficient sweeper service.


We run a modern fleet of Johnston road sweepers with highly experienced operators who are always ready to tackle any job.


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Building sites, Schools, NHS Facilities, Sports & Events Stadiums, Quarries, Factories, Car Parks, Retail Parks, Road Planing, Housing Estates, Local Authorities, Plus Many More…

Our Services

Road Sweepers

At Caledonian our fleet consists entirely of Johnston sweepers manufactured in the UK.

Our sweepers are specified to the highest level with gully boom for cleaning and jetting gullies, high pressure washers for powerful on-site cleaning and high-pressure spray bar for cleaning muddy roads.

Our vehicles are all fitted with a 360 degree all-round camera system to ensure safe operation on your site.

Gully Empyting

Our sweepers are fitted with gully booms and pipe extensions to allow us to empty your site gullies.

Pressure washer and Hand Lance

Our trucks come equipped with a 2000 psi pressure washer, which, coupled with the truck’s 2000 litre water storage capacity and ability to draw water from the Scottish water hydrant system, means that there is always an ample supply of water.

High Pressure Spray Bar

The Johnston sweepers are fitted with high pressure spray bars designed to jet roadways with a constant wall of water which lifts compacted muck and grit from roads. 

The trucks are also fitted with low pressure water spray bar which allows the truck to supress dust and wet roads to prevent dust becoming air-borne.

Other Services

Tractor & Dumper Trailer Hire
Road Blaster Attachments
Road Blaster Attachment
Winter Maintenance Services
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